Donation List(Get EM now There Cheap)

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Donation List(Get EM now There Cheap)

Post  Cerberus on Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:50 pm


event shotgun - 1$
event repairkit- 1$
event medikit- 1$
event set- 1$

Donor weapons:

donor repairkit- 3$
donor medikit-3$
donor katana-2$
donor exp ring-2$
blue shotgun-2$
black shotgun-2$
brown shotgun-2$
cyan shotgun-2$
green shotgun-2$
magenta shotgun-2$
orange shotgun-2$
purple shotgun-2$
red shotgun-2$
silver shotgun-2$
white shotgun-2$
yellow shotgun-2$
pink shotgun-2$
blue arquebus-2$
gold pioneer-4$
gold arquebus-4$
donor pioneer-4$
Blue Donor Katana-2$
Cyan Donor Katana-2$
Green Donor Katana-2$
Orange Donor Katana-2$
Red Donor Katana-2$
Yellow Donor Katana-2$
Pink Donor Katana-2$
Donor Set


These Are only Temporary
We will make New Sets and Swords
Donate Link:

Once u have donated pls Pm us ur proof of purchase and well get them to u as soon as possible

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