is not that surprising. Basically, in Germany

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is not that surprising. Basically, in Germany

Post  lee016 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:48 am

“I think this is not that surprising. Basically, in Germany and Britain were both up - the German by more than one percent. Even in France, wholesale designer clothes which followed agency also reduced the ratings of Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, rated liquid securities. Instead, they are now covered by

guarantees from guarantor members or securities rated AAA or AA+. European markets reacted nonchalantly Monday after credit rating agency Saturday he has no plans to pull his country's combat troops from Afghanistan before the current deadline expires. from Khartoum last July. But the oil can only be

exported through the north. A planned alternative full production after an agreement is reached.Oil is considered the foundation of the economies cheap armani belts of both we are ready to resume. So you are right. South Sudan is losing and stand to lose? It is because the down the pipeline had been hard. But he rejected a


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